Webinars etc too wide for ipad

I find myself stuck on my back for a few days so thought I’d catch up on Xojo webinars etc in my iPad. Unfortunately in Safari and other browsers the video player doesn’t fit on screen, so cannot see the right hand side of the video. The web page won’t scroll to the right so can’t access the controls to show in full screen.

I noticed they were YouTube hosted so tried in the YouTube app. There I can play in full screen but the video resolution is so poor I can’t see what’s going on.

Does anyone have a solution?

Have you tried tapping and holding on the link to download the video to your local Videos?

Tim, that doesn’t seem to be an option in iPad land.

I downloaded them all (720p version) on my Mac (ClipGrab is good) and transferred them to my iPad. On my iPad I use GoodReader for pdfs, mp4s etc. (everything neatly organized into foldders and subfolders). They play fine both in GoodReader and the build-in video app.

You ought to be able to hold down the refresh button in Safari and choose “request desktop site”. This will load the desktop site with the correct CSS to resize the video to fit on screen. The mobile CSS is not cooperating with the resize video CSS I’m using.

You can also watch everything from the Xojo YouTube channel as well.

I’m not sure what you mean about poor resolution, though. The videos are all at least 720p and most of the ones recorded in 2016 were at 4K resolution. If you know of specific ones that look bad, let me know. Maybe I can re-render them.

Thanks Paul. The desktop site works fine.

When I used the YouTube channel earlier it was all fuzz, but seems to be clear now. Perhaps my isp was giving me bw problems.

I particularly dislike the YouTube app so I’m glad the desktop site works.

Correction. Check the iOS App Store submission video. Seems low res.

I just tried it now on my iPhone 7 Plus and it looks sharp to me.