WebImageViewer not visible over WebListbox in ContainerControl

I’ve encountered an issue in Web 2.0 that did not occur in Web1.0 that I do not understand and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround.

At web page startup I have a WebImageViewer that loads an animated gif file that I use instead of a progress wheel that I always make sure is on top of the page and I make visible and invisible as needed to indicate something is updating. This worked great in Web 1.0 and I wanted to use the same approach with a Web 2.0 app but I have encountered an unexpected behavior. When the WebImageViewer is positioned on top of a ContainerControl containing a WebListbox, the WebImageViewer is not visible as though either the container control or the WebListbox is supressing it. This did not happen in web 1.0. The only work around I have come up with is to hide the WebListbox when I unhide the WebImageViewer, but that causes a flickering UI change which is not what I desire. I don’t know if there is a fix for this because the same thing happens when I put a normal progress wheel over the WebListbox . However, if I position either control over the WebListbox header the control becomes visible.

Has anyone else witnessed this behavior and if so do you have a solution?

While I can’t think of why you’re having this problem, have you considered using a page panel? Put the progress control on one page and the list on another.


That wouldn’t be much different than hiding and unhiding the WebListBox. It would still disappear. What I want is for the progress wheel or .gif to appear on top of the listbox and then disappear when the new data is received and the listbox updated.

As a workaround you can use ExcecuteJavaScript in the WebImageViewer Opening event:

me.ExecuteJavaScript( "$('#" + me.ControlID + "').css('z-index','9999');" )

You can create a Feedback case so Greg can review why the WebImageViewer is not on top of the Container/WebListbox even if the WebListbox is the top control:

OK thanks. It also happens with the progresswheel. I suspect it may be the case with any control

Case # 64395 - WebImageViewer is not on top of the WebListbox even if the WebImageViewer is the top control has been filed with a sample project containing only a WebListbow with a WebImageViewer on top of the listbox. Also included is .gif that if you put the folder that contains it named WebApps in the root of Volume(0) the app will automatically load the gif, otherwise you will have to change the path in the opening code for the WebImageViewer.