WebImageView question

I have a WebImageView on my web app that has been working fine for years. I recently upgraded to 2016 r4.1 and now the image no longer appears.

When I look into the HTML generated I can see that the styling on the image has it set as a 1px wide and 1px high image. So it is too small to see. Where are those numbers coming from and how can I change it? I do not have any webStyles applied to the image, just a WebImageView with a URL.


Here is the html output showing the style tag that is being inserted.

<img src="https://static.brennaninc.com/bridge/BICircle_100.png" alt="" border="0" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; top: 50%; margin-top: -0.5px; left: 50%; margin-left: -0.5px;" id="BBuWrnsE_image" class="">

Bug in 2016r4 and 4.1
Fixed in 17r1 I hear.

[quote=321731:@Tim Parnell]Bug in 2016r4 and 4.1
Fixed in 17r1 I hear.[/quote]

Yep - that did the trick - thanks!