WebImageView - Image disappearing after couple of seconds

Hi All,
I have a problem with WebImageView.

The App was working fine, while i was loading image through load from file. While it was too slow, I’ve converted all to load from external HTTP server through URL.
Again, all is ok, unless after a couple of seconds, all images loaded disappear. Looking through the code of the web page from safari, i can see that the image is substituted with spacer.gif.
I read something around, but i can get a solution. I’ve tried to reload, to load on shown event, but any trial give the same result.

Strange to say that through CROME i have a bit different reaction. At first is the same as with SAFARI, but after lunching page reload, the images remain. (with SAFARI disappears again).
Something related to CACHE?

No differences while in DEBUG mode from the editor or directly through SERVER .

Thanks a lot for your kind suggestions,


Just two quick addings:

  1. WebImageViews are crated & embedded in different controls on the page, as they are created from database, so the number can change. (As previously commented, loading images was all working fine)

  2. I’ve found a trick, using WebLabelL and loading into it the image from the URL and it’s working, the images are remaining.
    of course this is a solution, but need to change all the code and more i think, even it’s working, is not satisfying why WebImageView is not.
    Example for WebLabel loading image, upon opening control:

Sub Open()
me.Text = “<img src=”“http://www.mbsplugins.com/CoreML-thumbnail.jpg”" style="“max-width:100px; max-height:100px;”">"
End Sub