WebHTMLViewer without titlechanged event

In a desktop app i have a htmlviewer and a statuschanged/titlechanged event. When a page reloads due to for instance entering data in a form, I can for instance check the title of the page to see if our entry was a success and take action in the main app based on that.

In a webapp with the webhtmlviewer I don’t have those events. How would one handle this?
(We need to enter some data in a web form and it that was successful, the title will reflect this and based on that we can continue).

If it’s not on your website, you can’t. WebHTMLViewer is an iframe, and security restrictions prevent you from accessing it’s contents if it’s a cross-domain embed. If it’s your own page and on the same domain, document.title might work on the iframe, but I can’t guarantee it’s success.

Not what I wanted to hear, but what I feared.
No it’s not on on our own page, since it’s an oauth 2.0 login that needs to be on the original domain for security reasons. Whole point of oauth is that you never enter username and password on the domain that will access the info, you enter it on the original site and then authorize your app. After authorizing the app, i want to return the fact that it succeeded to my accessing page. I guess i’ll have to implement a redirect or something.