WebHTMLViewer Scrolling on iPad

Hi, I am building a Web App and want to link the user to the terms and conditions page on the main web site, but don’t want the web app to close if the user goes there, so I am opening the terms and conditions page in a WebHTMLViewer on a web page in the app, with a Back button to allow the user to stay in the app. The problem is that the WebHTMLViewer does not scroll the terms and conditions page content on iPad, but does in a browser on Mac or PC. Does anyone know how to get this to scroll on iPad? Any help is gratefully received.

Just a thought, did you try two-finger scroll on the iPad?

Thanks for posting. I tried on iPhone and it didn’t work. I don’t have access to the iPad today but will check and get back to you.

Hi Eric, are your terms and conditions in a PDF file? If so there’s a problem with scrolling PDFs in Safari on iPads (nothing to do with Xojo). A workaround is to load the PDF into an image instead. The document will then scroll: -

If Session.Browser = WebSession.BrowserType.SafariMobile Then

' Create the HTML
Dim html As String
HTML = "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY><IMG style='display:block; margin:auto;' src = 'http:/localhost/1.pdf'/></BODY></HTML>"

' Load the HTML
vwDocument.URL = ""
vwDocument.LoadPage (HTML)


vwDocument.URL = "http:/localhost/1.pdf"

End If

Thanks Jim! That’s a great workaround, I’ll keep that in my bag of tricks. As it happens, container and WebHTMLViewer changes in the 2014r1 update fixed my scrolling issue - just in time!