WebHTMLViewer.LoadPage [string]

I’m trying to broadcast some text to all connected sessions of my webapp. I’m using a WebHTMLViewer in my client WebPage, and sending text that is simple HTML. The text arrives at each session correctly, as confirmed by a message box showing my string “

(the string itself is not enclosed in quotes) But when I try:
MyHTMLViewer.LoadPage thatHTML
…The web viewer displays a 404 error ‘The requested URL “/1D5C058E…/source.html” could not be found.’
And the URL in the error message bears no resemblance to the string (of html) I’m trying to view.
Any thoughts?

I’d guess this is a Session access problem. WebSessionContext might help you, but as noted in a recent thread, it’s a little broken in this release.

You could get around this by broadcasting the message by having the originating session set a property in recipient sessions (or pages). On the page, have a WebTimer that fires periodically to check if there is a new message and update it.

I wondered about the context. The call to LoadPage is currently in a Session method, but i have tried it in a couple of different places with same result.
I’ll try your suggestion, thanks.

That did it. I’m a web noob. Thanks!

We were all web noobs a couple years ago. Glad something helped.