Webhtmlviewer and session id of the page shown

There is a way to get the session ID of an Xojo WebApp shown in a WebHTMLViewer contained in another webapp?
My goal is to establish a communication between the two apps using the session id as a reference.

Thank you.

The problem is to uniquely identify the session of a webapp shown in a WebHTMLViewer contained in another webapp.
The two apps must handle another communication channel other than the one used for the web.
This isn’t a simple problem if you have more than one session opened on the same host with the outer app i.e. the one with the WebHTMLViewer because this produces more sessions with the same IP address for the client/server parties.
So the IP address can’t be used.

The WebHTMLViewer widget it’s meant as a simple viewer and has very few properties or methods to manage it and working at the DOM level with the WebSDK it’s not a solution.
Trying to access the document contained in the iframe of the WebHTMLViewer lead to a security violation error: “Permission denied to access property document”.
It is a cross site security problem.

So I sorted out with a simpler solution using the app url hashtag as a token to uniquely identify the client and the server linked by the session.

Keep it simple…