WebGen 1.1 Update - Quickly make WebControlWrapper objects

WebGen creates a WebControlWrapper subclass pre-set with basic constants, navigator and layout icons, and will even set up library loading. Set up, generate, and drag the XML file into your Xojo Web project! Getting started with a custom web control is now quick and easy.

In this update the LayoutEditorIcon will tell you if your image is too big when making a tray item.
Additionally, the HTMLHeader method is now more complete when adding a jQuery library.

Created as a side project during the course of XDC 2016, WebGen will help both new and experienced Xojo users create Web controls.

WebGen goes a step beyond to make your control well rounded.

  • Generate a Namespace to be sure your control works in all versions of Xojo Web
  • Create icons for the IDE, and be sure they fit within guidelines from the documentation.
  • Automatically create the code to load Frameworks
  • Hide developer events from end users with the tick of a box.

Get more information, and download the tool from the website: