It does not appear that the errors that get raised are documented WebFileUploader — Xojo documentation

Also, I can’t seem to trigger it when dropping a folder on the uploader, as the documentation states it will. This is silly. Does anybody have a list of the errors and their codes?

The error codes are HTTP status codes, so the value is 0 before or during the upload and whatever the server/app returns.

The messages are the response’s status text. Empty before or during the upload and whatever message the server/app returns.

I would guess that if the only time these would actually have an error message would be if the file got to the server and a processing error occurred, like 413 ENTITY TOO LARGE or something like that.

Keep in mind that these error codes don’t necessarily come from the Xojo app. A web server (if you’re using CGI), a proxy or a reverse proxy could also return a status code and message if there was a transport error.

Thanks! I’ve filed a ticket to include this in the docs :slight_smile: