WebFileUploader Trouble - mutliple file selection Error

Hi there,
continuing with my expierences i got a little big headed i guess.
As per deifinition mulitple files are allowed, the functionality does not behave correctly.

For Each file As WebUploadedFile In files

should normally hold only one files data in file…
In fact file.data holds the complete data of all files right one after another…
I assume this is no wanted behaviour? Or am I misled?
Comments welcome

how it should look for saving.
i tested only with pictures at android 8.x and current 2021r1 but fix for other files comes soon.

Sub UploadFinished(Files() As WebUploadedFile) Handles UploadFinished
  System.DebugLog CurrentMethodName
  For Each f As WebUploadedFile In Files
    System.DebugLog f.Name + " Size " + f.Size.ToString

End Sub

if it does not work try beta of xojo and add feedback …

Thanks Markus,
where cani get hands on beta (i am new newbie)? Used version is 2021r1.