WebFileUploader problems

I’ve created a web app and deployed to a CentOS Linux 6.5 box that I am running. Overall the app is running great. In the app I have a WebFileUploader control where the user can select a number of files on their machine and click “Submit” and the application will upload them to a directory “/JobImages/” on the CentOS server. That is working fine.

The problem I’m having is this:

If I leave “/JobImages” as a directory on the server (permissions=7777) the uploads complete successfully. However, if I map “/JobImages” to an NTFS share on a Windows 2008 R2 server the uploads error out. I know it’s not a permission issue because if I log in to the server as a standard user I can copy to and delete from that directory with no issues while it is mapped to the Windows server. When the uploader attempts to write to that directory it fails. I’ve encompassed the upload in a catch statement to give me the error message and number but the error message comes back blank and the error number comes back as “2”. Here is my code in the “UploadComplete” event of the Uploader:

Dim outputFile As FolderItem
Dim output As BinaryStream
For Each file As WebUploadedFile In files
outputFile = New FolderItem("/JobImages/"+txtJobNum.Text+"_"+file.Name)
output = BinaryStream.Create(outputFile, True)
Catch e As IOException
msgbox e.Message+" " + str(e.ErrorNumber)
End Try

As a test I set the directory on the Windows server with “Everyone” having full control on that directory for both sharing and security. Accessing it for read/write from any user on the Linux server works, it’s just the web app that cannot seem to write to it.

Just a stab in the dark, but could it be the second /? Windows uses \ not /.

You could try changing

[quote=75101:@Anthony Mott]outputFile = New FolderItem("/JobImages/"+txtJobNum.Text+"_"+file.Name)


outputFile = GetFolderItem("/JobImages").Child((txtJobNum.Text+"_"+file.Name)

which should automatically correct the folder delimiter.

Remember just a stab in the dark that may point you in the right direction.