Webfileuploader on iPad and iPhone

I have a customer who works with cable out in the field and they have asked me to build a web application where the workers can upload survey pictures (JPEG) from their phones so I built a small application using the Webfileuploader control. This works fine on Android devices as well as on a PC/Mac. When the user selects a file using the + button on the uploader control the file name shows in full in the uploader’s list but on Apple iDevices when the user selects a file it shows up as image.jpg regardless of the actual filename so if they select multiple files all of them show in the list as image.jpg and when they upload these files each previous file overwrites the one before it as they all have the same name. I know as a workaround I could have the application append a sequential, two digit number before each file but the output file name need to be in a specific format and I need it to list the actual name of each file on the device so the worker knows which files he has selected before he submits.

I don’t know if this is an apple problem or a problem with the webfileloader control since it works fine on any non-iDevice.

We don’t go out of our way to change filenames, so I suspect it’s iOS that’s changing the names.