WebFileUploader Issue with phone (2020r1.1)

i just tested the WebFileUploader because i need to use it.
at pc it works fine with local firefox.
at phone with android 8 and chrome there is no UploadFinished event (at ide messages)!?
i debug log all events

19:26:58 : Files Removed
File Added IMG_20201010_191317.jpg Bytes 2166240 image/jpeg
19:27:05 : Upload Started FileCount=1
Upload Progressd % 11
Upload Progressd % 29
Upload Progressd % 58
Upload Progressd % 93
Upload Progressd % 100
19:27:25 : Web Photo Documentation.exe Ended

my UploadFinished event looks like

Sub UploadFinished(Files() As WebUploadedFile) Handles UploadFinished
  System.DebugLog "Upload Finished"
  For Each f As WebUploadedFile In Files
    System.DebugLog f.File.NativePath
    System.DebugLog f.Name
    System.DebugLog f.Size.ToString
End Sub

that is the output if me upload a pic at the same pc where the web app is running

19:30:59 : Files Removed
File Added 1.jpg Bytes 164444 image/jpeg
19:31:03 : Upload Finished
C:\Users\Markus\AppData\Local\Temp\DebugWeb Photo Documentation_12028709478
Upload Started FileCount=1
19:31:04 : Upload Progressd % 100

This is a long-standing showstopper bug, with many reports over the past years.

The problem is mostly related to network speed and file size (not to device, browser or OS) so you are more likely to see it on a phone, but I can demonstrate it on iOS, Windows, Mac, and with a variety of browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari Desktop or mobile)

WebFileUploader is unfortunately even more broken in Web2:

Critical Bugs

Other issues:

Here’s hoping they can get it working soon.

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i think its more related how it is processed by xojo.
everything else work. i mean other apps use my network too. if there is a connection file size and speed should not being an issue.
i not set a filesize limit.
the timeout settings are very long.
for some reason events not come and need a solution, fix. currently unusable in this state.

Agree: I’m pretty sure it’s a bug inside the compiled Xojo WebApp server, not a problem on the Client javascript side.

Would you like to try out my workaround?

thanks but i will wait for next release.

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