WebFileUploader iOS multiple files fails when not local on iOS device

Uploading a few JPG images using the WebFileUploader usually works fine.
I use a 1 second Timer that triggers the upload after jpg files have been added.
But when the number of images increases, I often get no uploads on iOS devices. (no progress events fire and no upload starts)
On Mac & Windows it works fine, but on iOS I can select 16 jpgs,
but nothing happens. In this case the files were selected by swipe selecting 16 images all at once.
I suspect the cause is the file still needed to be downloaded from Apple’s iCloud,
so not being ready for upload at that time?
Selecting the same images one by one works fine, but shows the progress pie in the file selector performing the download to the iOS device first.
(And nobody wants to select and upload 16 times, but select 16 and upload once)

Does anyone know how to prevent trying to start the upload before the files are ready to be uploaded?
Or can a change be made to the uploader to trigger an event that the files are ready to be uploaded?

Are you using 2018r1 or later?

@Greg O’Lone : Yes I am: 2018R2
And iOS 11.4.1 on the iPhone that uploads.

Interesting. The uploaded was probably not tested with files in the cloud. Most applications I’ve seen want pictures either from the camera or that are local to the device.

File a bug report and we’ll see what we can do.

@Greg O’Lone : Done: Case 53374 - WebFileUploader iOS multiple files fails when not local on iOS device

In the future, please paste the entire link from Feedback into the forum. it’ll automatically create a link, so this:


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OK, will do next time

I just requested a sample project. I want to see exactly how you are doing this so we’re fixing the right thing.

@Greg O’Lone : Actually, Xojo’s own sample project has a similar problem: When selecting multiple non- local files at once, they do not show up in the list (So obviously they won’t upload either)

Similar but not the same. Please attach a sample of what you are doing to that case.