Webfileuploader cancel

When one clicks the + button on the webfileuploader a dialog appears from which one can select a file. It has (at least in Safari, a Cancel and a Choose button). If the user selects a file and clicks Choose, the FileAdded event is fired, and we can see what file was chosen and do something useful (perhaps check that it is the correct type). If the Cancel button is clicked, nothing seems to happen.

Is there any way to knowing the user clicked the cancel button? At the moment I have the fileuploader in a sort of a dialog, and would like to make it go away if the user clicks Cancel.

-Bob Gordo

I may have a work-around. When one clicks the + button to reveal the getfile dialog, the mouse up/down events also fire. I simply made my control disappear on the mouseup event. I’ll have to play around a bit more, but it seems to solve my problem.

Hope this helps someone.