WebFileUpload options as of Q1 2017

To save others from digging through numerous old conversations (many with out-dated info), it’d be great if folks could chime in here with your thoughts and recommendations for people who need features/capabilities beyond the currently built-in WebFileUploader as of the beginning of 2017.

Just as a refresher, some of the concerns and issues people have raised over the past several years:

  • Drag and drop into the browser to upload
  • Uploading multiple files simultaneously, started individual or simultaneously
  • Customizing/hiding the default button
  • Tracking/displaying progress for multiple simultaneous uploads
  • Upload speed slower than it should be
  • Memory issues for large files (uploading directly to disk)
  • Restarting interrupted uploads

Past recommendations/discussions for dealing with some of the above:

Many of those recommendations are several years old and none seemed to get a real consensus even back then…

What have I missed, and what are people’s current thoughts?

There’s no real solution to be had at moment. The WebFileUploader is only useful for very small files.

I ended up writing a custom web server to handle much larger files for a SaaS project.