WebFile Uploader limits and restrictions

Hello guys,

Is there a restriction in size and files that could be uploaded on that ? I just tried today as I needed a fast app to upload some files and 2 details and apparently I try to upload a .zip fie and I cannot even select it from the file list , size around 20 Mb . Is there a way to remove / restrict the extensions that could be uploaded and the file size ? and if yes, how you do that ? I assume that you have to upload it first or check for extension before doing it , but I still don’t get the file restrictions, Tested on MacOS and XOJO 2020R1. And the test was done with the example in XOJO Examples folder.


did you set any of the properties on the FileUploader? There are three options that may affect this:

Filter: mime-types or file extensions separated by spaces (empty = any)
Maximum file count: 0 = unlimited
Maximum Bytes: 0 = unlimited

None, I just opened the Sample project found in Web -> Controls -> WebFileUploader , I see no mimeType set here so it will take any, and still, I open it , run It on my Mac, go to Documents and try to upload any .zip file or .pdf, dmg, .rtf, .txt , nothing works, except in my case .jpg and .png I guess there is something set as default and does not allow anything except those to be uploaded . Based on the example code and on your details should be able to open all except if mime type was saying something else .

Any other options here ?


What device and browser are you using?

Safari on Mojave, I just tried now Chrome and same issue .

Now, seeing no answer here, the question that comes, next. Do you really test those examples when you do them and you have them in the examples folder ? or they are just some parts of code put there just to be on numbers. As honestly I see many broken, I assume not tested at all and it’s not normal and correct. I honestly have 2 students now that want to learn XOJO, what can I tell them, guys you are on your own, unfortunately XOJO cannot have functional examples that you can learn from, docs that are not updated but , we have new releases, that funnily break perfect functional app that works perfect in 2019R3.2 so … help me out here with a reasonable explanation.

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So I just went and opened the example project. if I click on FileUploader1 in the layout editor and look at the inspector, the Filter property does indeed have two mime-types in it: image/png,image/jpeg. That’s why you can only select PNGs and JPEG files. If you clear that field, it will let you select anything.

FWIW, you can also put file extensions separated by commas in that field like this (.png,.jpg,.pdf)

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