WebEdition: Can I read the name of the client-computer?

I have a WebEdition - WebApp which should be used only by own employees.

Can I read out the name of the client-computer? Because I have more users, then I should have. So someone shared his passwords in the wild. Because I know all names of our Macs [Settings > Sharing > Name], I could then see who share his account and password.

I don’t think you can get that from the browser. Don’t even think you can get the local IP, if that could have been helpful.
One suggestion is to block the account/change its password and wait to see who calls you first about not beeing able to log in :wink:

This is an interesting question though. Following

EDIT: Some browsers can report the local IP of the machine using JavaScript. Firefox and Chrome apparently.

I wonder what Session.RemoteAddress reports on a local network?
If it returns the computers local IP adress you can use that to identify the computer using your app :slight_smile:

Edit: Just tried.

MsgBox("IP Address = " + Session.RemoteAddress)

Will report the local IP of the computer on the local network.
And now that you have the local IP you can do a reverse lookup using nslookup in a shell to get the computer name.

Run this command in a shell or the OS X terminal and parse the results.


(Replace the IP with the one you want to get the name for)

You could also make it so a user can only log in once at a time. That way if a user shared their login, they wouldn’t be able to use the system while another user was.