WebDialog UnsupportedOperationException Error

Hi there. I have a WebDialog (user login) that I am trying to dynamically create after the user clicks on a menu item (one of my container controls). When I click on the menu item it raises an event up to the a larger container (my page container). Within this page container I instantiate the new dialog with the following code:

Dim signInDialog as User_SignIn_Dialog

signInDialog = new User_SignIn_Dialog()

AddHandler signInDialog.Dismissed, Addressof Self.SignInDismissedHandler


As soon as the “new” line is executed I get back the UnsupportedOperationException.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

That code looks correct to me and seems to work in a small example I put together.

Does the debugger have any additional information for the UnsupportedOperationException in maybe the Message or Reason property?

Do you have a small example project you can share that demonstrates this?

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I missed this before. The reason field says “This control was not created correctly.” I figured it out. I had removed some container classes from my primary project to work on them in a smaller project (to avoid long compile and load times). When I did that all of the container references in my larger project were lost. My bad. Thanks again.