WebDialog to WebPage on MacOS X

I was surprised to see a strange set of buttons on a xDev Web project example.

It takes me some minutes to discovers why:

On a Web Project, Insert a new WebDialog,
In the Properties pane, change the super to WebPage,

Now look at the MacOS “three colored buttons on the window’s title top left”… instead of circle, they are vertical ellipses :frowning:


Hah that’s funky. The header image just ends up super squished. File a feedback case.

Hi Tim,

I was not able to make the original project working and I was thinking “it may be that”, but once I discovered the WebSQLiteExample.xojo_binary_project * and it does not have that behavior, I decided to ask here.

  • IMHO: that project is misplaced (in the DataBase part instead of in the Web folder). I searched this kind of example and I do not found it the firsts (second, etc.) times I searched.

Feedback #: 56388

Actually don’t. Errors while changing supers of built-in controls was a design flaw that’s not going to be fixed. We’ve addressed this for the new web framework.

Gotcha. Emile posted the case number above.

That is why I am reluctant to make bug report(s) (and not reproducible / by design) :wink:

BTW: I mae the discovery running Xojo 2015r1, then I checked 2019r1.1 (I was unable to make the project running)…