WebDialog Sizing

I have a web application that uses a WebDialog to display a few text boxes and an OK and Cancel button. It works as expected. I decided to add a check box to it so I’ve extended the height of the WebDialog box from 194 to 216 and added the check box to the bottom. However, no matter what I do when I run the app and bring up the WebDialog box it never resizes past the original size and my check box shows below (outside) the WebDialog box. Just to be sure I made it 500 and is still shows the same behavior. I also tried resizing it to 100 to see if it would show smaller when the application is ran and it still shows the original size. Am I missing something?

I’m using Xojo 2014r1

Check the size of the dialog on the webpage - it’ll still be at the size when you originally dragged on there.

That was it. Thank you so much.