webdialog keypressed event not fired

Hi there,

I have a web app with:

  • webdialog (wdChgPassword)
  • webpage (Main) where the webdialog is added at design time from the IDE, instance is wdChgPassword1.
  • there’s a webbutton with wdChgPassword1.show action on the Main webpage

The Webdialog (wdChgPassword) definition has an KeyPressed Event Handler to handle enter/escape keys.
But this event is never fired.

On the webpage instance of the webdialog (wdChgPassword1) it’s not possible to add a KeyPressed event handler, so how do I handle the enter/escape keys from my wdChgPassword1 instance ?

Any idea welcome.


Does the KeyPressed events on the TextFields not work?

Hi Greg,

The KeyPressed event is at web dialog level.
I tried adding the event on all textfields but it doesn’t solve the problem.
The keypressed event seems never fired.

I reported an issue with WebDialog and KeyPressed events a LONG time ago (July 2012). <https://xojo.com/issue/21791>

Thanks Bob, I’ll create a new feedback case, who knows …

Hi All,

Bug submitted to Xojo:

Let’s hope a solution soon.