WebDialog EmbedWithin Bug?

I have created a project that has a WebDialog embedded in a container control that is dynamically embedded within a web page. I am trying to add a dynamically embedded container control into the web dialog, but it is not positioning properly. When I enlarge the browser window, the dynamically embedded container control moves around.

If I simply drag the container control to the WebDialog (not dynamically embed it), then everything sits where it should and stays there. Is this a known problem with either with Xojo, or between the keyboard and the chair?

I’ve tried both of these…and both have the same incorrect outcome.

cContainer = new ccSmallDonor cContainer.EmbedWithin(ccDonationList(session.ui.AdminBody).dDonationDetail1,20,45,739,276)

cContainer = new ccSmallDonor cContainer.EmbedWithin(self,20,45,739,276)

There is indeed a big bug with modal dialogs : left, top, width and height report the full window because you get the grey overlay, and not the dialog itself.

If this is possible, use a palette dialog instead, it does not have the issue.

Otherwise, the only way to actually know the real left , top, width and height of the modal dialog is to get these values in JavaScript. That is what I do within RubberViewsWE.

Merci Michel…this information will stop me from spending even more time trying to figure out what I did wrong. I’ll see if I can find the bug in the Feedback and add my pro numbers to the priority.

There are dozens of reports about the issue…

I wasn’t able to find a case specific to this (your right…there are dozens of reports)…so I added a new one. <https://xojo.com/issue/50993>

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem and need to use a modal dialog, not a palette dialog. How exactly do I get the modal dialog coordinates using Javascript?

See https://forum.xojo.com/46646-embedwithin-on-a-dialogcontrol-possible