Webdialog dismissed only fires in subclass, not instance

I subclassed a webdialog intending to use it in multiple places. After adding it to a webpage. I added code in the Dismissed event of the instance, This code never executes. If I put the code in the subclassed webdialog, it fires. I have not used a lot of dialogs and may be missing something in the setup.

It sounds right. What version of the IDE are you running?


Do me a favor. Check and see if your code behaves like this in 2014r1.1. I’d like to see if this is something that broke recently. If so, file a bug report with a sample so I can get this fixed for the next Beta.

It does the same thing in 2014r1.1 and 2013r4.1. I seem to have something else wrong too because it crashes every time I try to display the dialog a second time saying Cannot read property 'style' of null

How are you closing the Dialog?

self.close when the user clicks a button

I’ll need to see your project. Please start a private conversation and send me a link.

I’ve had the “Cannot read property ‘style’ of null” when dynamically loading webcontainers and webdialogs in the past quite a bit. I’ve never been able to reliably reproduce this in a project that I can upload however. I’ve also had cases where it loads okay when testing on my mac but not when I deploy it to windows or linux. One of those obscure - random bugs that will warrant a beer when it finally gets squashed. Caused me quite a few headaches with clients in the past.