WebDeviceLocation events not firing

Can’t seem to fire the WebDeviceLocation events. Using xojo 4.1 OSX. Adding a WebDeviceLocation and calling MyDeviceLocator.RequestDeviceLocation() never triggers the Error or DeviceLocation events. It sure seems like I’m overlooking something simple. Any clues appreciated.

Which browser are you using?
Which platform?
Have you previously answered “No” to a request for device location on the browser?

Some sample code would help too.

Greg - thanks for the help. The code could not be more simple. Use location awareness in Chrome and Safari frequently, and to answer your question I’ve never Dismissed or Denied location access. If I had though it should have thrown the .Error event of the WebDeviceLocation object, which isn’t working either.

I created a simple (new) Web project, dropped a WebDeviceLocation on the page, and used a single button to attempt to call the .RequestDeviceLocation function. That’s where it seems to disappear.

Here are the method calls I’ve tried…

:: when plopped on a page directly ::

:: when put in Session property and using AddHandler’s to catch calls ::

Broken in Xojo possibly?

Realstudio 2012 r2.1 - Example MapViewer project device locator works.
Xojo 2013 r4.1 - Example Mapviewer Project device locator returns nothing.

I created a Feedback case for this:


Any new development regarding this issue? Device locator still appears to be broken in the latest xojo release.

It’s fixed in a future release.