WebDatePicker DateChanged event not always firing?

Hi all,

Just wondering how widespread this issue is? I’m getting a situation where I check a webform before pushing to a database and I’m finding that my WebDatePicker is not always firing the Datechanged event. The control shows the correct date but from my understanding there is no way to read this programatically? This is really only occurring with keyboard entry and especially if the user doesn’t push enter and exits the field by clicking on another control.

Any suggestions on best practice here?

Many Web controls don’t fire their Changed Event when changed via code. You have to separate the Event code into a separate Method, then run both the update and the Event Method when changing via code.

Thanks David.

I don’t think I was very clear above. I’m not actually changing the date via code, I’m actually just entering the date in manually into the picker as it’s quicker than clicking back through to the 1980’s. The control accepts the date format but doesn’t fire a changed event all the time.

Is there another way to read the controls date value other than from the date changed event? Ie. The shown date on the control is ok, how do I read it?

I’m in the process of re-making all my controls as a websdkuicontrol, so that I know what they do, and I can implement what xojo’s don’t do !

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Don’t forget about GraffitiDatePicker, which does not suffer from this issue and provides a lot of additional features.

Great point. I’ve actually move across to it but thought this might assist someone else;)

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