Webcontrol Left and Width

Hi All,
I have a question about setting the left and width of controls on a webpage.
I have used real studio for desktop for some years, but am looking at web at the moment.

When the webpage is resized, I want to shift the controls to be in the right position and to be the right size. So the resized event on the window calls a method which measures the width of the page and then divides the available space up among six listboxes.
However, if I set weblistbox.left to for example 2, then it may be at -30 or some other random number, and the width seems to have no relevance to whatever I have set it to be either. Has anyone experienced this before? I’ve tried removing all of the locking, but that doesn’t seem to help.


If you remove all locking, then it tries to center the control, but offset by the .left and/or .top property. Set the left and top locks only and see if it works correctly.

Hi Jay,
Thanks very much for that. You’re right, if I set the locking to the top and left it works correctly. Initially I had the locking set to right and bottom, and this doesn’t work.

The behaviour in this is quite different to controls used to create desktop apps.

Thanks again,

Thank you Jay!
This never would have figured out.