WebContainer/WebPopUpMenu Control Issue

Hey guys,

I had this working correctly before 2014R3, but now I am having a problem. Here’s what I have:

1.) I have a web container control. In this container control are just a few controls - a canvas, a couple of labels and a pop-up menu.
2.) The pop-up menu is only used in mobile browsers. It is hidden/disabled if the browser is a desktop browser.
3.) I have MouseDown and MouseUp event handlers implemented for the container control object. The code in the MouseDown and MouseUp handlers are only used in Desktop browsers (using an IF block and checking if I have a mobile or desktop browser).
4.) This web container control is embedded using EmbedWithin into another web container control that is placed in the web page.

What’s happening is that when using a mobile browser, the Mouse events for the container control are firing and preventing the WebPopUpMenu from working correctly. If I put a MouseDown event in the Pop-Up menu, it fires, but then the execution immediately shifts to the container control and SelectionChanged for the Pop-up menu is never raised and the pop-up menu does nothing.

I’ve confirmed this in a simplified project. On a desktop browser, things work just fine. I can click the pop-up menu and it works. But in iOS, the popup menu just won’t work.

Ideas anyone? I really need to have the mouse down event handler implemented for desktop browsers. Yes, I could build a completely separate page with separate controls for mobile browsers but that seems excessive especially since this was working…



I can confirm this is an issue and may be related to my case 37213, where also a mouse down event fires before the desired event (in my case a move ). I will add your case to my top cases in feedback; maybe you can do the same for mine.

As a not so great workaround in my web app, I discovered that clicking the triangle of the popup menu does fire the correct event.

I am glad someone can confirm behavior like this. I’ll look at your case. Well, I spent my Saturday working on this. Since my controls in question were all in a container control, I ended up making a container control for desktop browsers and one for mobile browsers. The biggest headache is that you can’t subclass container controls. So I had to create an interface that would allow me access to all the necessary properties. The disappointing part is I now have two code bases to maintain. I suppose I could create still more methods stored in a module that are common to both containers and then call those methods. So much headache for a new problem.

It all works fine with the exception that a contextual menu on a mobile device can’t be dismissed without selecting one of the menu items as i have no mouse down event for my container control. I added a “close menu” option to my contextual menus now for mobile.