WebContainer to PDF or JPG?

I am building a form collection app for Web pages. I am wondering if there is a way to generate either a PDF or a JPG image of a webContainer. I have built my form pages to collect the information on WebContainers but I would rather not save as text or Email the information as text. I want to generate an image of the entire form and then just email the images/pdfs as attachments.

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You should post in the Web channel when it is about Xojo Web. It makes it way easier to find back.

I would not use PDF, since it is not supported by Internet Explorer, which still equips a significant number of users.

Generating a JPG image is probably possible, if you manage it like a printer object, and draw the information you need on it before saving it with the simple SaveAsJPG command. Note that since you don’t have access to the hardware, you won’t be able to do a screen copy as you would in Desktop.

I don’t think you can do that.
Rendering would need to run in a browser on the client side.

e.g. if you load your web app in a Mac app you can use MBS Plugins functions to get web page as PDF.

This can be easily done with my gPDF class, as it uses the exact same draawing commands the the Xojo Picture/Canvas object do

Indeed, but the main issue remains that Windows does not always support PDF. That should change as Windows 10 gains popularity since the default Edge browser supports PDF natively, but otherwise it is still pretty much Russian Roulette.