WebContainer Shown event failure when nesting containers

I stumbled in a case that I think is a bug since what happens is very different from what is documented.
The Shown event is supposed to inform that a control (a webcontainer inherits from a webcontrol) is ready in the client and is safe to interact with the control itself.

When a webcontainer is dynamically embedded in another webcontainer the client sends back to the app an event that generates the Shown event for the embedded container and for all the controls contained in the webcontainer itself.

This does not happens when a webcontainer (the child) is embedded in another webcontainer (the parent) during the shown event of the parent.
In this case it seems that the shown event for the child webcontainer in generated internally in the server and not when a shown event for the child is sent back from the client.
It is seems that the parent is informing the child container, like any other control in the parent itself, that the shown event was received from the client but ignoring completely that the child container isn’t in the client.

Is this is a known issue with a specific feedback case?

Submitted feedback://showreport?report_id=49721 for this problem.