Webcontainer mystery

So I’ve got this one webcontainer that when added to a webdialog just refuses to display the locking segment in the inspector. After adding it, the inspector just displays this:

You may notice that the usual locking part is simply missing. This one:

Adding any other containercontrol works fine, only this one behaves weirdly. It also doesn’t grow correctly, I tried to work around it by setting the widths and heights in the webdialogs resized-event but ran into all sorts of trouble. Has anyone ever seen this? Any known remedies? That’s Xojo 2017r3.

If you add that same control to a Page does it play nice then?

What’s the super of control, just WebContainer, or is there more to the hierarchy?

Just a plain Webcontainer (which in turn hosts webcontainer-containing webcontainers. Did I push Xojo over the edge?)
I sort of solved the problem by setting the webdialog’s type to palette (Michel Bujardet mentioned in another thread that sheet windows don’t report their sizes properly), so now I at least I can code around the problem. The locking pane still eludes me for some reason. There are still some rough edges in that area of Xojo it seems.

Have you checked the locking properties on the super-container’s Inspector Behavior palette? Perhaps something funky disabled them somehow.

I think I spent 3 hours trying every possible variation of locking (me.locktop=true,me.lockvertically=true,setting the position in the resized event of the webdialog etc.) Setting the size in code works once, but if the user resizes the dialog the very same code setting the webcontainers control size would suddenly make it a lot bigger than the webdialog itself. Only changing the dialogs type to palette solved this problem. Of course my feeble attempt at reproducing the issue in a simple example project failed.

Did you define any properties that start with the letters “Lock”?

Yes, but only in the App-class. Totally unrelated afaics.

I just notice that the inspector also hides the left and top property.