WebContainer.Enabled = False

I have a set of controls in a WebContainer ( typically WebButton WebRadioGroup and other WebContols ). I wish to set the WebContainer and its contents, so that it is still visible but does NOT react to user action. Code:

MyWebContainer1.Enabled = False
MyWebContainer1.Visible = True

The WebContainer and its contents appear disabled but the contents of the WebContainer still respond ! The documentation for WebContainer / Enabled states “When False, the control appears as disabled and does not respond to user actions.”. Is this correct or is this a bug?

Add a method to the container control (e. g. ToggleEnabled) that loops through the controls and sets their enabled properties accordingly…

You shouldn’t have to, though. Sounds like a bug to me.

Thank you both, Alex and Tim, for your comments. We discussed amoung ourselves, before logging this, a similar approach that Alex suggested. But, we considered that the WebContainer property was not performing as we thought it should or as the documentation states. The idea of a container is to enable a group of controls to be controlled as a single entity. Can Xojo clarify this. Thanks.

Definitely a bug. I had a similar bug <https://xojo.com/issue/28718> where if I set enabled status at design time the control events would still fire even if disabled. If I set it at runtime it worked as expected.

So I’m wondering if there are some wonkiness issues with WebContainer and enabled status.

This bug is still active on Xojo 2014.R1.1 . Any news for fix of it , on the next version ?