Dim CurveBox as New CC1
CurveBox.EmbedWithIn(Design, 14, 323, 26, 178)

If I embed CurveBox into a page named Design, how do I reference the controls on CurveBox from code?

Design.CurveBox.xxx ?

You will need a reference property on your page. You could call it MyCurveBox and then use the embed within followed my myPage.myCurveBox = newCurveBoxYouJustEmbedded

I do a ton of embedding and containers within containers. I usually just have an array of WebContainers on each page and container called Containers() as WebContainer. And then I can loop through that like the Control array. There is some maintenance in keeping the array up-to-date.


I am kind of thick on some of this stuff. What can I use as a reference property on the “Design” web page? I think you are saying, add a reference property(?) to the page, then embed within that the new web container (CC1) referenced as CurveBox. CC1 has seven check boxes and I want to know the Index of the check box the user checked and send it to a new page.

In your case.
On the WebPage add a property called myCurveBoxes() as myCurveBox
Then on the open/shown event

For i as integer = 0 to 6
 dim newCurveBox as new myCurveBox
 newCurveBox.embedWithin(self, ...)

You could then do use myPage.myCurveBoxes(self.myCurveBoxes.Ubound) to get the last curveBox for instance from the page.

FWIW, we have an example video available of how to do this for subscribers at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/. We also have a complete start-to-finish web app that covers much of the basics that people struggle with.