Webcontainer controls and safari

I have an app which loads 20 webcontainers onto a webpage, these webcontainers contain a few images and a textfield. This works perfectly in IE, Firefox, Chrome however in Safari they are invisible. Not sure when this started to happen, I have a version compiled before 2013 and it works ok.
I have tried without luck to write a small program to reproduce this. Has anyone else noticed safari (windows) not work? safari Mac shows icons but other images are not showing correctly?

I find it interesting when things don’t display the same in Chrome and Safari since they both currently use webkit to render pages. I’m curious if you figure what the difference is that is causing them to look different. I know Google announced they were branching off of webkit so they could develop and add improvements faster but I don’t think anything has been released like this yet.

@Brock Nash I find it interesting true( and for the same reason)
But I do see the behavior that dave describes.


I’d really like to see this in action so we can get it fixed. Is there a bug report with a sample we can look at?

mine’s fine on ipad 1. However, everything is too small for fat fingers. Any suggestions on how to determine the ios is being used and how to resize easily?

@John Scanlan - look at Session.Browser and Session.Platform. Browser will be set to SafariMobile on any iOS device, and Platform will be more specific… I.e. IPod, iPad or iPhone.