WebCheckbox does not want to justify "left"

I have a container with buttons, text boxes, and other controls, but only the WebCheckbox is giving me alignment trouble.

It seems to ‘see’ the Style I’m setting (it responds but not very accurately). It continually appears about 1/4" off in one direction or another.

Me.Style.Value("text-align") = "right" // or "left" or anything else still fails to align with other controls

Any great ideas welcome!

If you can share a sample, someone will be able to help.

And I’m not finding a Style for setting the WebCheckbox’s text-color “white”, so I’m thinking perhaps I need to use a Canvas control and make my own BillsCheckBox control…?

I mean, can you share a sample code to take a look? I don’t know what you are doing, I created a container and it looks ok.

Have you tried (for the white color) adding this to the Opening event of the checkbox:

me.Style.Value("color") = "rgb(255,255,255)"

I agree, yours does look great! Since most all of the placement has been done in the IDE (not embedded via code) it’s hard to post much. However I will post something more useful shortly - I appreciate your help!

You can share the sample with dropbox or other service.

FWIW I gave up on struggling with the WebCheckbox, and instead just combined a graphic and text control to simulate it. I actually think I like it better. I’m 99% certain the issue has to do with the way I’m floating the content centered top-bottom, left-right. Here’s the work-in-progress. Thanks for your time @AlbertoD , I’ll be sure to repost once I have fully isolated the issue. For now I’m happy with my work-around.