Webcheckbox as ICONs

We had a spec that called for checkboxes to look a little more custom. So we created a control that toggles between two icons.



  1. The control is 38 pixels high, but he icon itself is 31px - this was done because the full sized 38 pixel icon looked out of place with 38 pixel field on a form. While at the same time it keeps it easy to top align items in the IDE (or while using our accordion tool)

  2. Any bootstrap icon can be set as a property. The icon can differ from yes to no (think “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”)


  1. The colors match the default bootstrap theme used by Xojo

Feel free to use, repurpose, change, we make no copyright claim at all. We also don’t warrant it is suitable for anything. Its free, probably full of bugs …( Our lawyers are now happy)

Download: Dropbox - Bootstrap Icon Check Box.xojo_binary_project.zip - Simplify your life