WebChart on 2022r4: error not displaying

Hi folks,

I have a web project that draws webcharts.
in 2022r32 the chart is drawn correctly

in 2022r4, nothing is displayed. same project. same datas.
and I get an error on the console

edit: the error is also present in 2022r32. but the chart is still displayed.
there are some data that are still displayed in 2022r4, but I can’t see any obvious difference

@Ricardo_Cruz any hint apart from making a ticket ?

I’ll need to see the code and debug it. If it looks like a bug that we’ll need to fix, it’ll be better to have the ticket anyway.

I’ve been using this control this month, during the Advent of Code, haven’t seen that issue yet.

sorry my bad the console error came from another sdk that uses also chartjs …
even if I remove this sdk, the chart not drawing in 2022r4 is still there
but I don’t get the error in the console.

I will try to use the websdk to draw the chart.

Can you please check if this code displays the chart?, paste it into the WebChart.Shown event:

Const js = "Chart.helpers.each(Chart.instances, function(c) { c.options.tooltips.callbacks.label = function(t,e){return 'Test'}; c.update() });"

Edit: Sorry, try it in the WebPage.Shown event instead.

doesn’t change the chart is still not displaying.
my chart is inside a pagepanel, may be this can be the cause ?