WebCanvas Text Alignment Broken?

I’m trying to align centre, but it seems that the alignment constants are wrong.
I’m coding on Mac OSX, using Safari as my browser - Haven’t yet tested on any other configuration.

AlignLeft actually centres
AlignRight aligns left
AlignCenter aligns right

Can anyone else confirm this?

Xoxo 2015 r3

Seems to work fine for me:

[code]g.DrawRect(0, 10, 200, 100)

g.TextAlignment = WebGraphics.TextAlignmentLeft
g.DrawString(“Left-aligned (Box)”, 5, 20) ’ in box
g.DrawString(“Left-aligned (Canvas)”, 5, 200, g.Width) ’ in canvas

g.TextAlignment = WebGraphics.TextAlignmentRight
g.DrawString(“Right-aligned (Box)”, 195, 40) ’ in box
g.DrawString(“Right-aligned (Canvas)”, g.Width, 250, g.Width) ’ in canvas

g.TextAlignment = WebGraphics.TextAlignmentCenter
g.Drawstring(“Centered (Box)”, 100, 60) ’ in box
g.DrawString(“Centered (Canvas)”, g.Width / 2, 300, g.Width) ’ in canvas[/code]

What is your code?

Ah ha… I was using WebCanvas.AlignCenter