WebButton height inoperative in Chrome and Safari Mac OS X

OS: OS X 10.10.3

Xojo: Xojo 2015r2

Steps: In Chrome 40 or Safari 8.0.5 under Mac oS X 10.10.3, I cannot get a button to have a height of more than 22, neither at design time or at run time. This does not happen in FireFox where the height is honored. I suspect from the look of the button it to be the Cocoa button of style Push which I know from RubberViews cannot be styled.
I do not know if it is possible to set which cocoa button style is used, or if it is desirable to go another route like FireFox which apparently uses its own design, but the result is not very friendly when designed on PC where neither Chrome, nor IE or Spartan present the same limitation.
I bumped into that while designing RubberWeb which moves and resizes controls according to the browser window size.

Use a one segment SegmentedControl with a style to round the right corner


Are you aware that some browsers require that you significantly change the appearance before resizing is possible? Try adding a style where the background is set to a color and see if that works for you.

That works indeed. It does change the appearance somewhat with corners becoming sharp, but it is easy to mimic the rounded corners.

Between Websession.browser and platform, I should able to add selectively the webstyle to webbuttons in Mac Chrome and Safari when they need vertical expansion, unless of course the user project already contains a webstyle for that button.

Thank you for your insight, Greg.