WebButton Cursor

I’m setting the cursor via the IDE Inspector to a couple of WebButtons on my page to ‘Finger Pointer’ and they are not working. Matter of fact, I’ve tried different cursors on those and a Textarea (to see if it’s just limited to the Buttons) and nothing is working. Tried on Firefox 23.0 and IE 10, but unsuccessfully. Am I missing something here?

Please try this in Chrome just to see if its universal, and then file a bug report with a simple example attached.

I can NEVER get the feedback system working… so I gave up trying it a long time ago. Tried to download it again, went to sign in, created the damn summary with details, hit Submit, then it closed with a communication error… something about an invalid token. I give up…

I feel your frustration.

If you reopen Feedback, it may find a saved copy of your ticket and offer to try submitting it again.