Webbreadcrumbs in Web 2.0

From what I’m reading in other threads WebBreadCrumbs seems to be in Release 2020 R1, but the documentation is yet missing ;-).

Did anyone already play around with this feature, and is it already officially “released”? It seems quite straightforward, but I won’t play around with it if it is not yet officially released and consequently might still change.

It is documented both in the local language reference and the online one:

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Thank you @Geoff_Perlman. I had a different perception how it might be working … I thought the breadcrumbs would mimic existing menus in the toolbar and I was searching for the missing link.

But if I get it right, one has to setup the Webbreadcrumbs like any other menu. Consequently you can have breadcrumbs even without any other menus. Silly me, I thought it from the angle of Wordpress pages and similar solutions. :-).

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