WebAudioPlayer DownloadAborted + PlaybackReady loop

I would like to load an alert sound into a webaudioplayer on a webpage in my app and then play it when necessary.

I have a small 14k .mp3 file stored on a locally accessible server, that if you just type into a browser as a URL loads 100% of the time.

In my Xojo Web (Windows) app, 1 out of 10 times it just loads the sound file, the other 9 times it gets into a loop where the Download Aborted event fires, immediately followed by the PlaybackReady event, and then it repeats itself, apparently forever.

The URL assignment to the webaudioplayer control is in the Opening event of the Webpage… but I have moved it into a button push etc and the behavior is the same.

I thought it might be something about the file caching, but it is the same if the cache is empty, if the sound file has never been accessed etc.

XOJO 2023 r3 on Windows 11, Chrome or Edge

As said, my mp3 source is on the same LAN, but the same issue happens with publicly accessible files such as https://www.learningcontainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Kalimba.mp3

Has anyone had success with this control?


Todd Fantz