WebAppSecurityOptions.FrameOptions.Allow - Safari - not working?

Hi everyone…
Novice web question and I can see it’s been answered more than one before.

I am trialing a web app that I’d like to see if I can embed in a Shopify Store page.

I’ve included this in app.open event handler but I can’t get it to open in Safari on the Mac.
Self.Security.FrameEmbedding = WebAppSecurityOptions.FrameOptions.Allow

It works in Chrome browser.
I am however just trying running it on - perhaps that is the issue?

It has nothing to do with Shopify - I’ve tried it also it in a simple page;

Can anyone help?

Yes, that’s a local address. To embed your app on a Shopify page with an iFrame you’ll need to deploy your web app to a publicly accessible location.

My app Lifeboat makes deploying Xojo Web apps to your own Linux sever easy :slight_smile:

Right - thanks Tim.
Only query on that it is working OK in Chrome using the local address… Appreciate that it’s a local address just for validation that I can make this all work. Curious to understand why Chrome is OK and not Safari.

It could be that Chrome is displaying the local page in the iframe and Safari failing on it as a security concern. If you enable Developer Tools in Safari you could dig in and find out.

Brilliant - thanks for the additional note. I poked around in the Safari Web Inspector but couldn’t see anything obvious.

Anyway - you were spot on. I used ngrok to push the localhost test app to the public internet and it worked as expected now.

Much appreciated.