Webapp with DB sample

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to test XOJO.

Is there any sample of a webapp using a mysql DB ?

I’ve managed to connect manually, but I’m having trouble understanding where to put all the pieces of code (properties, etc) so that they can be used trough out all the app.

A sample, even if small with 2 or 3 pages and with forms and the usual add, delete, update buttons would be very helpfull.


We do not have a MySQL web app example. You can refer to the MySQL desktop example in Examples/Database/MySQL for some information on how to connect, create a table, add data and retrieve the data.

The code is exactly the same for a web app so you should be able to move it over easily.

In a (non-demo) web app, you typically connect to the DB in the Session.Open event handler. Save the DB reference as a property of Session so you can access it from any web pages in your app.