WebApp Messages Noise

Is there any way to prevent WebApps run in debug mode of filling the messages list with unimportant messages. For example:

Is it really that important that the application started and stopped, that I need to be told about it and have a badge on the Xojo application icon in the dock.

The messages are helpful, but the badge on the icon could be dispensed with. The star on the bottom bar of the IDE serves its function quite adequately, I think.

The messages window is supposed to tell you important things. That’s why it shows a count of them on the Dock icon. These, while interesting very occasionally, are not important enough to have a doc icon and so do not belong in this window. You can see them in the console app if you wish to know them.

I agree about not needing the count badge. I searched Feedback and couldn’t find an existing request, so I created <https://xojo.com/issue/28460>. Add your vote if you’d like them to consider it.