WebApp memory growth

My WebApp used to display the picture on the server, The pictures are displayed on the web page. But every time I refresh?WebApp memory growth.
I don not know Why ? anyone who can help me?

pic a property of the Module1, GetPic a method of the Module1.

Function GetPic() As Picture dim f as FolderItem dim pic1 as Picture f = GetFolderItem("Desert.jpg") if f <> nil and f.Exists then pic1 = f.OpenAsJPEGMBS end if Return pic1 End Function

App Open event pic = GetPic

Webpage Canvas1 Paint event


By opening the image every time and then doing drawpicture, the framework creates a brand new WebPictre object each time. Instead, create a WebPicture object outside of the Paint event only once and draw that object instead.