WebApp is drawing a ControlContainer wrong


I have a WebApp and I add some ControlContainer at runtime to my Page.

But when I add the ControlContainers, they are not displayed right at first click!

Only on the second click, they are right displayed!

Here is my App: http://Link
Your have to click on “Zentrale” to look!

On click, I remove all Container and add after new ones.

In the Page-Titel you can see how much container are currently on the page.

My Code:

[code] 'delete old container:
FOR i AS Integer = main.Zentrale_Aktuell.Ubound DOWNTO 0

'add new container:
dim a as Integer
dim gesH as integer = 15

for a = 0 to 10
dim C as new Post_normal
c.EmbedWithin(main.Zentrale1 ,250 ,gesH , C.Width, C.Height) 'here I am adding!

gesH = gesH + C.Height + 15
main.Zentrale_Aktuell.Append(C) 'Controls zum berwacher-array hinzufgen

next a

I just went to the link you provided and I’m assuming that the thing you are referring to is the date, just below the person’s name.

Can you tell me how that date is being set and in which event?

It’s only a Label without any code! The Controls are assembled in a Container and I add the Container 10 times to the page.

If you click again and again on the Button, the dropshadow also will be thicker!

no other ideas?