webapp cannot start

Hi! I’m having a problem on a webapp after changing to one vps to another.

the web app tries to start, then closes immediately without any message.

the vps has win 2012 r2, the webapp is compiled as standalone exe. tried to compile in 32 and 64 bit without success…

what can I check? If I try on my development machine, the compiled exe closes immediately, the debug not…

any hints?


The first suspect is that you may be missing the runtime DLL or some other framework DLL on the new machine. I would:

  • check that the new server is fully patched
  • all necessary DLL’s were copied or installed
  • the antivirus / antimalware is properly configured to let the app run.

Since 2016R1, you must install the redistribuable C runtime, or copy the DLLs to the same directory as the exe. See /extras/Windows runtime/

It could be that.

Which version of Xojo did you use for your previous VPS, and this one ?

What port is your project configured to listen on? The debug port will probably be different.

It’s probably this. Missing libs would definitely show error messages.

the two apps are made with 2016 r4.1 both. Cloud server has windows.

I’m using port 3999 for the first and 3888 for the second (not working app), both ports are opened in firewall.
strange things:

the first app is compiled as 32bit exe and doesn’t have any dll in its folder.
second app asked for dlls. strange: I’ve removed all valentina studio items from this app (including serial check on app open) but still need vshared dll ?!?!?!?

This implies there is an issue in the open event of your project. Please post that here for our review.