Webapp and web session already used.


I’ve a website using an authentication. login and password.
This content is under /var/www/html/
My webapp will be into /cgi-bin of course.
My question is:
How to use the session already used by the website.
I don’t want that anybody could connect directly on cgi-bin folder.
The cgi-bin will be called and displayed only from a frame inside the website.
So the webapp should be available only using the authentication from the root website.

If you have any ideas how to do it, let me know please. :slight_smile:



Best you can hope for is to direct the user to the same running instance (if you were using standalones and load balancing). The session ID is created when a valid request from the browser (valid user agent) is made to the app. There is no way that I know of that a new session can inherit an old one.

If you are storing information in the session which you want to persist you may try cookies or some other scheme of tracking users above/beyond the built in session tracking.


i’ll try to compile these informations, and make some tests.

Thanks a lot.